Rubicon [ru·bi·con]: A nostalgic top-down action RPG with emphasis in exploration and puzzle solving.

Within Rubicon, you control Shep, a true hero in every sense of the word, working alone to once again restore peace to his beloved world.

Through non-linear game play, you'll explore 7 dungeons and a vast overworld, collecting parts of an ancient map that will reveal the true villain pulling all the strings.

Coming soon to the Android and iOS stores!

Math Adventure Island

Math Adventure Island is a teacher-approved, fun and engaging way to solidify the skills of Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication. Built from concepts direct from school-certified education plans, kids are challenged in a proven method of learning. Kids are positively reinforced by rewarding each achievement in varying levels of difficulty.

Challenges are split up strategically to promote a sense of progression and accomplishment complimented well with "mini-games" that stimulate hand-eye coordination (not to mention fun).

So pack your backpack, put on your safari hat: you're about to go on a journey to Math Adventure Island!


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Pathfinder Spellbook

Pathfinder Spellbook is a quick way to find spells, learn spells, memorize spells, and track daily spell usage. The app is updated to include all the new classes and spells also with other useful features for tracking spell use and memorized spells. Don't need all the recent books? We got you covered there too, check out the Pathfinder Spellbook Lite edition.

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Beneath the Abbey

Beneath the Abbey is an endless arcade dungeon crawl set in a wondrous fantasy world of rodent swords and sorcery.  As Gregory, the warrior mouse, you race against time, battling the evil forces of rats, weasels and the like to restore glory to your race by fighting and searching the abbey.

Along the way, you'll face challenges of avoiding traps and enemy detriments but aided by unique power-ups making each play unique and rewarding. Each level of the abbey is generated randomly to provide a new experience (and challenge) every time you enter the halls beneath the abbey.


Coming Soon!